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Backing up photos & videos on Android automatically
Backing up photos & videos on Android automatically

Tips for automatic uploads for Jottacloud for Android.

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Note: Jottaclouds app for Android can be found in the Google Play Store

In Jottacloud for Android, the Photos tab a is list of all photos on your account, plus all photos stored locally on your Android device. They are all visible and sorted by time.

Jottacloud can automatically back up local photos and videos to your Jottacloud account where they are stored safely in their original quality and size.

How do I enable automatic backup on Android?

You can enable automatic photo backup when you install the app, or you log into the app again (if you have been logged out for some reason). Just follow the on-screen instructions during login/installation to enable automatic backup. Also remember to give the app all the permissions it asks for.

If you are already logged in/already have installed the app, you can go to Settings in the main menu of the app and enable "Automatic photo backup (WIFI)":

Backing up for the first time on Android

Backing up your photos for the first time can take a long time, depending on your network speed and the number of photos and videos stored on your phone.

To make the initial backup run faster we recommend the following steps:

  1. Connect your phone to a charger

  2. Connect your phone to a wifi-network

  3. Open Jottacloud and enable backup

  4. Leave your phone unlocked (display turned on) with the Jottacloud app open

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