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The Jottacloud Privacy Guarantee
The Jottacloud Privacy Guarantee

How we ensure that your privacy is respected

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Most of the big cloud storage players in the world are U.S.-based. You may think that your files are safe and private when stored with the big guys. Well, you may be wrong.

Yes, some of these companies have a local subsidiary that store data in European datacenters, but the problem is this:

U.S. law enforcement could use the USA PATRIOT Act on a U.S.-based organisation, like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox or Amazon, for example, to force its local subsidiary companies across the world into handing over user data to U.S. authorities.

With the recent revelations made by Edward Snowden, of the PRISM program run by the U.S government, this threat seems bigger and more frightening than ever.

Jottacloud is a Norwegian company with Norwegian owners, and we operate under Norwegian privacy laws. We store all your files in Norway.

As a result, our users are protected against U.S. legislation, which arguably infringe the freedom and liberties of both U.S and non-U.S. citizens.

That makes Jottacloud great for people who want an alternative to U.S. based cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox and iCloud.

With our unique position, located in Norway, we are now issuing a guarantee for your privacy. Starting today, this is our Privacy Guarantee:

The Jottacloud Privacy Guarantee

  • We will store your data in Norway, or a country with similar or stricter privacy laws

  • We will operate under Norwegian jurisdiction

  • We will not monitor what you store on Jottacloud

  • We will not hand over user data to authorities unless a warrant issued by the Norwegian court of law is presented

  • We will not exchange, store or process user data at a third party service like Amazon

  • Our employees will not open, access or read your files without your written consent

  • Our employees must sign non-disclosure agreements

  • We will delete all your user data when you terminate your account

We care about privacy. In Norway, privacy stands firm like the mighty mountains of Jotunheimen

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