To install Jottacloud, simply go to our Download Page.

Follow the Jottacloud installation wizard to install the software on your computer.

The setup wizard will appear after your installation is complete.

Step 1 - Type in your username/email and password to your Jottacloud account and click “Login.”

Step 2: Provide a name for your computer. It can be “your name” pc or any other variation you would like. The computer name must be at least six characters long and cannot contain spaces. Click “Next.”

Step 3: The setup will automatically choose a default synchronization location. Click “Next” to accept the default location or “…” to select a setup location of your choice.

Step 4: Tick the checkboxes in front of the folders you want to back up. A checkmark will appear next to the folders you have chosen. Click “Next” when you complete your selections. You can add more folders to this list at any point.

Step 5 – Jottacloud will now take you on a five-screen tour of the software.After you review each screen, click “Next.” Once the tour is complete, click “Start Jottacloud.”

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