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Account review, abuse and misuse
Account review, abuse and misuse

How we detect abuse and misuse at Jottacloud.

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To provide quality and reliability in our service to ALL our users, we protect ourselves against abuse and misuse. We do this by making sure that our users follow the terms and conditions of Jottacloud

Every now and then a user account can be flagged for review. Account review is a process where our review team evaluates a user account for potential violations of our terms.

How will an account get flagged for review?

A user account can get flagged for review in different ways. For example:

We can initiate a review based on usage patterns, sharing activities or tips and claims from external sources.

Can I store my music/movies and other copyrighted material I've bought?

Users are allowed to store copyrighted material they have legally obtained (i.e. bought), for example DVDs, CDs etc. However, such material can under no circumstances be shared with others.

Users may also be asked to prove their ownership of material our review team have flagged.

What happens during an account review?

If an account is flagged for review, we will review the account metadata such as folder structure, file names and checksums. We will also evaluate any public links and folders created on the account.

Our account review team will never read or open your files during an account review.

What is the outcome of an account review?

Depending on the review, the outcome may be:

  • No action required by the user

  • Action required by the user 

  • Account terminated

Why do Jottacloud perform account reviews?

At Jottacloud we value our users privacy and security. Keeping your files safe is at the core of what we do. That means making sure your files are protected from unauthorized access, and making sure that YOU get access when you need.

Eliminating user accounts that abuse, misuse or in other ways violates our terms of use is an important security measure to keep our service available, reliable and secure.

It helps us to keep speeds high and prices low, for all our customers.

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