To upload a file directly to the Jottacloud Web Archive, simply use the jotta-cli archive command.

jotta-cli archive "path/to/file" 

Jottacloud CLI will then start to checksum and upload the file. This is visible in the terminal GUI.

Note: Files are stored in a subfolder of the Archive with the same name as the device

You can also specify a path under Archive to save the file to.


jotta-cli archive "path/to/file" --remote folder/subfolder/filename

This will save the file to Archive/folder/subfolder/filename

You can share the file immediately after uploading it, and optionally copy the share link to your clipboard.


jotta-cli archive "path/to/file" --share --clipboard

If you don't need/want the 'ui' ( for instance if you are using a script of some kind ) you can specify --nogui and the terminal will not switch to raw mode.


jotta-cli archive "path/to/file" --nogui


You can also pipe data from stdin to archive. When doing this the ui is disabled. Also make sure you specify the desired filename and path as otherwise it will be assigned a random name.


echo "Hello world!" | jotta-cli archive -I --remote "helloworld.txt"

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