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Scanning documents with Android
Scanning documents with Android

How to scan documents and receipts with your Android phone.

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Use the document scanning feature to create PDF or PNG documents in Jottacloud.

The document scanner is a great way to capture notes, receipts or whiteboard sessions to a shareable Jottacloud document.

Here is how it works:

  1. Open the Jottacloud app and navigate to the Files section

  2. Choose the folder where you want the document stored

  3. Press the + sign and tap the Document Scanner button. Allow the app permission to use the camera if prompted

  4. Point the camera towards the content you want to turn into a document

  5. When the camera detects a document, you will see an overlay over the document which indicates the part of the camera image that will be scanned

  6. Scan the content by pressing the camera button. Note that if a document wasn't detected (no overlay present) you can still scan the entire image and adjust the borders manually on the next screen

The document scanner now creates a preview of the document. 

Adjust the document

To rotate the document, press the rotate button. this will rotate the document 90 degrees counterclockwise.

To adjust the edges or the readability of the document, press the adjust button.
You can grab the corners of the edge border outline to correct the perspective and boundaries of the document. 

You can also choose between three different document filters:

  • Color

  • Black & White

  • High-contrast filter

Saving the document

To save the document, press the top-right arrow. 

Provide a document file name and select the document file format (PDF or PNG).

Press Save to upload the document to Jottacloud.

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