To comply with GDPR, European businesses located in EU or EEA countries are required to sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) if they store customer information and personal data on a cloud storage service belonging to another business. 

Here are PDF copies of our Data Processing Agreement:

How to sign the DPA with Jottacloud

As a business administrator you can now easily sign a Data Processing Agreement with Jottacloud through our website. After the agreement has been signed you will get a copy sent to your email. You can also find the contract under Business settings after it is signed.

1. Go to Business account settings.

Note that only business administrators have access to the Business settings. 

2. Click Sign the data processing agreement and check your email for further instructions.

3. Open the email from Jottacloud and click Review and Sign.

4. Enter your company's address on the first page and read the agreement
5. Click the sign box.

6. Choose how you want to sign and click Insert.

7. Enter your name and title, then click Insert and continue.

What is a Data Processing Agreement

A Data Processing Agreement ensures that personal data is processed in accordance to the GDPR and sets a clear framework for how the data processor can process information.

The agreement is between a data controller (the business) and the data processor (Jottacloud), important in ensureing that both parts understands their responsibility.

To comply with GDPR and the Data Protection Authority, we recommend signing a Data Processing Agreement for your business if you store costumer information and/or personal data on Jottacloud.

Read more about Jottacloud and GDPR compliance.

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