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Getting Started with Jottacloud
New to Jottacloud? Get started!
New to Jottacloud? Get started!

New to Jottacloud? Read this article to get started!

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If you've just signed up for Jottacloud, and don't know what to do next, or just want to learn, read about our apps and programs, and how to get started with backup here.

First of all, we advise all customers to download the Jottacloud program for computers. The program is meant to ease upload and download of files, and to give you better control over the transfer of data.

You can find the program here (choose your corresponding Operative System).
By using Jottacloud you can store data in three different ways:

  • Synchronized files

  • Backed up files

  • Archived files

If you've installed the program, Jottacloud would've automatically created a local folder on your computer, named "Jottacloud". This is the sync-folder (read more about it here).

The sync-folder will look like this locally:

After you've installed the program open it up as you're reading on.

The program-window itself, is the hub for backup. You can either click on "Add Folder" in that window, or drag-and-drop folders to the window you want to back up.

The program-window looks like this:

raises the question:
What's the difference between the sync-folder and backup?
We have an article explaining the difference here.

The third data-storage option is the archive. First off, you can't upload files directly to the archive with the Jottacloud program. You have to upload data either to Sync or Backup, and access the website to copy or move the data to the archive.

Read more about that here.
The overview of the website, where you can access the archive, looks like this:

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