Why do I have to open the app to backup my photos?

To improve battery life on your phone, iOS limits the amount of background time for each app. We have to follow the rules of Apple and unfortunately we cannot override these rules. This means that we will try to upload your photos as fast as we can when the app receives background time, but that you likely have to open the app every now and then to upload your photos. This can be improved (jump to bottom)

Initial upload

We recommend that you keep the app open during your initial upload of Photos, and the phone connected to wifi and power.

How much background time does the app get?

iOS decides the rules for backing up photos and these rules change (usually more restrictions), and right now the rules are that 

  • We get 180 seconds of runtime in the background (before the app is rotated out) after you close the app
  • If you force kill the app, we get no background time, but might be woken up later (see below)
  • iOS occasionally gives the app background time (10-30s) every now and then based on the amount of time you use the app, if you are connected to WIFI, charging, etc. The only ones who knows the exact rules for when and how long, are Apple.¬†

How can I improve background uploads?

You can increase the frequency of the app getting background time by enabling "Allow location updates" in the settings of the app. Enabling this option will prompt you to allow location updates, and we need you to allow "Always". The reason for this is that we want to be notified also when you are not using the app (when the app is in the background). We will get 10-30s of background time every time there is a "significant change" in your location (each time the phone moves 500 meters or so). This is the most energy efficient way of location detection and will have virtually no impact on your battery life. Also, for your privacy we do not send your location to our servers (it is only processed on the phone).

If you have a larger batch of photos/videos that you want to upload we always recommend that you keep the app open.

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