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Collaborate on Office documents in Office Online
Collaborate on Office documents in Office Online

Learn how to collaborate with a team on office documents in Jottacloud

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Jottacloud supports collaborative editing of files in Microsoft Office Online. Multiple users working on the same shared documents can work together by making edits on the same document, in realtime.

Sharing a folder and collaborating on a document

Just share the folder through Jottacloud and invite your collaborators—they’ll be able to access and edit the latest saved file, anytime and anywhere.

Select the folder you want to share by ticking the checkbox to the left of the foldername, and then click Share in the top right hand menu:

Add the email address of people you want to invite to collaborate on this folder, and then click "Add members". These users will get access to the folder content, and can edit the office documents in Office Online:

Close the sharing dialog when you are finished adding people to your folder.

Working simultaneously in the same document

While editing the document in Jottacloud the owner and members that are currently editing, can see their names displayed next to their cursor. This makes it easy to see which person is doing what in the document.

Changes are immediately visible to all users editing the document, and it is easy to see who else is currently editing the document:

Version history

All changes users make in office online are saved automatically as they type. But a new version of the document in Jottacloud is only created when someone EXIT the document and return to Jottacloud.

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