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How to enable Office Online
How to enable Office Online

Learn how to enable Office Online on your account.

Updated over a week ago

With Microsoft Office Online you can view and edit Office documents in Jottacloud without needing Office installed on your desktop. Jottacloud is directly integrated with Microsoft Office Online allowing for a seamless experience when editing documents.

You can enable Office Online on your account. When you enable Office Online, you can preview and edit office documents in the Jottacloud web application.

Enable from files

The first time you click on an office document, we will ask you if you want to enable Office Online in Jottacloud:

Click OK to enable Office Online. If you do not want to use this feature, click Cancel.

We do not send any data to Microsoft Office Online without your active consent.

Note: If when you share a public link to an office document, we will only provide a preview of the document using Office Online if you have consented to use the Office Online integration. 

Enable from settings

Go to Connected apps settings to enable Office Online. Simply click the Enable button to enable the feature:


Office documents you preview or edit on Jottacloud will be sent to Microsoft Office Online for processing while you preview or edit them. To respect your privacy we have made the Office Online features optional. 

We will never send your documents to Microsoft Office Online servers without your consent.

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