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After upgrading to iOS 14 on your iPhone or iPad you will need to give the Jottacloud app permission to access your photos and videos again to continue backing up your photos. This has to be done even if you have previously given the Jottacloud app access to your photos and videoes.

Granting Jottacloud access to all photos in your device

When you open the Jottacloud app the first time after upgrading to iOS 14 you will be presented with a pop-up that asks you to give Jottacloud access to your Photos.

Select "Allow access to all photos":

If you select any other option, backup of your photos will not work properly, and you will need to go into your device's settings to grant permission to Jottacloud to access your photos.

Granting Jottacloud access to your photos from your device's settings

To grant permission to Jottacloud to access your photos from your device's settings, open Settings on the device.

Select Jottacloud from the list of apps:

Then you select Photos:

At last you select "All photos":

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