Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives

Breaking changes: Starting with version 0.4.x jottad will be run as the user jottad. If you upgrade from 0.3.x or lower this will cause jottad to not being able to read the old configuration directory located in /root/.jottad. To mitigate this issue move all files and folders from /root/.jottad to jottad users home, located in /var/lib/jottad and recursive chown to user jottad and group jottad:

mv /root/.jottad/* /var/lib/jottad
chown -R jottad.jottad /var/lib/jottad
systemctl restart jottad



apt-get install wget apt-transport-https ca-certificates

First obtain the repository key:

wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -

Save the repo information to apt sources :

echo "deb debian main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jotta-cli.list

Run sudo apt-get update  

Install the package jotta-cli :

sudo apt-get install jotta-cli

The package supplies init scripts for you running flavour. (systemd, upstart or sysvinit)

(Upgrade only) restart the upgraded service, using your system init flavour, for example:

sudo systemctl restart jottad

To get started:

jotta-cli help


Running as a not-root user by default will decrease security vulnerabilities but will also have the effect of jottad not being able to read any files not accessable by the jottad user or group. To mitigate this either:

  • Change the running user of the process by editing /etc/systemd/system/jottad.service , /etc/init/jottad.conf or /etc/init.d/jottad 

  • Make the files accessable by adding the jottad user to a group with access to the files

  • chmod -ing the files to make them accessable

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