Jottacloud CLI for Linux - RPM packages

How to install Jottacloud CLI on Redhat/CentOS systems

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Save the following to /etc/yum.repos.d/JottaCLI.repo :

name=Jottacloud CLI

Install the package jotta-cli :

sudo yum install jotta-cli

We supply init script for running jotta-cli in systemd user slice
After installation (and on upgrade) you can start and restart the CLI-daemon with:


This will also make sure the daemon starts upon user login

To get started:

jotta-cli help

Starting at boot

As jottad is now running in a user slice it will not start at boottime unless you also create a usersession at boot time.

You can use loginctl enable-linger USERNAME to start a usersession for USERNAME at boottime and jottad will start in that session.

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