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Jottacloud CLI for macOS

How to install the Jottacloud Command-line Client on macOS using Homebrew.

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You need Homebrew to install Jottacloud CLI on macOS.
Learn how to install Homebrew

Installing the Jottacloud CLI

When Homebrew has been installed on your system, follow the instructions below:

Tap the repo:

brew tap jotta/cli

Install the binaries:

brew install jotta-cli

Start jottad as a service on login:

brew services start jotta-cli

To get started:

jotta-cli help

Updating Jottacloud CLI

Run update and upgrade (could also be done without jotta-cli as homebrew will update all packages)

brew update && brew upgrade jotta-cli

Note: remember to restart jottad service after upgrade:

brew services restart jotta-cli
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