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Jottacloud Command-line Tool

A command-line client for Jottacloud capable of running on multiple operating systems.

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The Jottacloud Command-line Tool or Command-line Client is a Command-line tool for Jottacloud users. 

The command-line client (CLI) is capable of running on most devices with Windows, OS X and linux systems such as desktops, servers, NAS devices, and even Raspberry Pi.

Note: The command-line client a special software designed for running on servers or headless systems. It is not meant to control the Jottacloud Desktop Client. 


  • Automatic folder backup

  • Archive files

  • Custom scan interval

  • Ignore files and folders with simple gitignore style pattern

  • Simple webhooks 

  • Manage remote hosts


The command-line client has two components:

  • jottad - The Jottacloud deamon

  • jotta-cli - The Jottacloud Command-line Interface


The Jottacloud Command-line Client supports multiple operating systems and cpu architectures. 

Download pre-compiled binaries for macOS, Windows and Linux from the release page.

The Jottacloud Command-line Client must be updated manually. Check the installation documentation on each platform for instructions on how to update the software.

Issues and bug reporting

To report bugs or problems follow the Jottacloud CLI issue tracker on GitHub.

Note: The Jottacloud command-line client is beta software. Use with caution.

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