In version 0.5 we added the ability to download files and folders using jotta-cli.

jotta-cli download Archive/folder/subfolder ~/Downloads

Above is the syntax for starting a download.  Archive/folder/subfolder is the remote path to the file or folder on jottacloud.  ~/Downloads is the download destination where the files and folders will be downloaded to. 

NB: If you are running jottad  and jotta-cli  on separate devices, you must specify a valid download destination  on the device where jottad  is running.

Command overview

jotta-cli download remote/path/to/file /local/download/destination
jotta-cli download --watch
jotta-cli download --abort=downloadid
jotta-cli list downloads
jotta-cli list downloadinformation --downloadid=downloadid [--json]

Starting a download

Understanding and finding the correct remote path to download is perhaps the most confusing thing about downloading using jotta-cli .

As on the website your files are grouped in "Sync", "Backup" and "Archive". See example below: 

jotta-cli download Backup/MyImac/FolderWithStuff ~/Downloads
jotta-cli download Sync .

The correct remote-path can be deduced from the file or folders location on the webpage but the intended method is to use bash-completion on MacOS and linux and jotta-cli ls on windows. See Bash-completion below. 

Once you have pressed return jotta-cli  waits while jottad  gathers the metadata necessary to perform the download. During this time you can abort the download using CTRL-C. Once the download starts jotta-cli prints some information about the download, including a downloadid , and returns.

Cancelling a download

Once a download is started,  you can cancel it by calling
 jotta-cli download --abort=downloadid. You can find the downloadid by calling jotta-cli list downloads or jotta-cli download --watch . When you cancel a download it leaves any files already succesfully downloaded on the filesystem. Any partially downloaded files are deleted.

Observing a download

You can watch the progress of a download using jotta-cli download --watch .

Only one download will run at any time. If you have started multiple downloads the second will not start until the first has finished. Once a download completes it disappears from jotta-cli list downloads except if one or more files failed to download.

Download errors 

If a file could not be downloaded for any reason the download will complete, but it will not dissappear from jotta-cli list downloads. To see detailed information about the download errors call jotta-cli list downloadinfo --downloadid=downloadid. You can also add --json to get error information in json format.  

To clear a download from the list call jotta-cli download --abort=downloadid.


On MacOS and linux you can use bash completion to 'browse' the remote paths on jottacloud. Try the following:

jotta-cli download [TABTAB]

where [TABTAB] means you press TAB two times.

This should present an experience similar to browsing a local filesytem, though perhaps a bit slower depending on the latency to our servers.  This works with jotta-cli ls [TABTAB]  as well, but not with a leading -l as in jotta-cli ls -l [TABTAB] .

More information: bash completion

If you encounter problems with paths not completing please open an issue on or a send a support-ticket to if you do not wish to disclose the filepaths in question publicly.



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