Release notes for Jottacloud CLI

Version information and changelog.

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Version 0.15.98319 - 2023-12-14

  • Fixed logging out while keeping settings

  • Fixed upload bug

Version 0.15.93226- 2023-10-05

  • Fixed naming for arm rpm packages

Version 0.15.91862 - 2023-09-20

  • Fixed bug where file deletions were not noticed by realtime backup

Version 0.15.89752 - 2023-08-25

  • Strips invalid ascii chars from files in sync folder

  • Fixed bug where everything could be excluded

  • Fixed crash

Version 0.15.84961 - 2023-06-19

  • Fixed appdata not excluded from backup

  • Don't print OK after commands

  • Always include hidden folders and files in the sync folder

  • Fixed crash when removing backup folder

  • Fixed subfolders of exluded folders sometimes being uploaded

Version 0.15.80533 - 2023-04-19

  • Fixed windows version numbers

Version 0.15.78571 - 2023-03-28

  • Fixed a crash in an error path of adding a backup folder

Version 0.15.75295 - 2023-02-14

  • Added powershell completion (jotta-cli completion powershell -h)

  • Various bugfixes and performance improvements from desktop beta

Version 0.14.60923 - 2022-06-09

  • Fix incorrect timestamp for downloads

  • Improved sync performance for large tasks ( like the initial sync )

  • Default proxy config is now no-proxy ( not system )

  • Fixed bug that could cause backup to get stuck

  • Fixed bug that could cause sync to not receive remote events

  • Fixed jotta-cli list uploads

  • Fixed incorrect handling of specific ignore patterns starting with */

  • Fix for rare bug involving sync move

Version 0.14.58899 - 2022-04-22

  • Proxy config (jotta-cli config set proxy ...)

  • Proxy override in jottad

  • Ignore hidden files option (applies to backup and sync) (jotta-cli config set ignorehiddenfiles)

  • Handle remote device deletion at runtime

  • Fix device name mappings for jotta-cli ls using multiple devices with the same name

  • Fix bug causing sync move to fail at runtime

  • Various further bug-fixes and improvements

Version 0.13.56239 - 2022-02-23

  • Clipboard support for Wayland

  • Fix for FreeBSD user agent

Version 0.13.55213 - 2022-02-08

  • Sync - force use of unicode nfc

  • Sync - fix moving files between shared folders

  • Sync - fix crash setting up selective sync

  • jotta-cli archive (folders) and jotta-cli download history persists

  • Various bug-fixes and performance improvements

Version 0.13.53591 - 2022-01-06

  • Jottacloud sync (jotta-cli sync ...)

  • Added sharing of photo albums

  • Various bug-fixes and performance improvements

  • macOS: Requires 10.12 (Sierra)

Version 0.12.51202 - 2021-11-11

  • New exclude pattern functionality **/ (match zero or more directories)

  • jotta-cli ignore patch : attempts patch from v1 ignore system to v2

  • jotta-cli status --json

  • Jottad has better shutdown behaviour when not logged in

  • More fixes for downloading photos

Version 0.12.50392 - 2021-10-26

  • New packaging for linux using systemd

  • Backup excludes have been reworked

  • jotta-cli archive now works for folders

  • Improved shell completions for trash and config get

  • Faster cancellation for large downloads and uploads

With the 0.12 release we will introduce some potentially breaking changes to the deb and rpm packages.

  • Jotta-cli now running in user.slice

  • With the latest release of jotta-cli the packages distributed in .deb and .rpm packages, the following changes are made:

    • Drop support for other sysvinit and upstart, now officially supporting only systemd

    • Running the jotta-cli daemon (jottad) in user.slice with one process for each user on the system wanting to run jotta-cli

    • Using unix socket instead of tcp socket by default, created in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR

  • To run the new version after installing, execute run_jottad as your own user (root not supported)

  • Upgrading from an older version to one supporting this new method of running will yield the following message upon upgrade:

    It looks like you are upgrading from a version 
    of jottad that runs in system slice. This version
    runs in user slice and thereby datadir has changed.

    To help you migrate your settings, we provide the
    script /usr/bin/migrate_jottad_settings that you
    can run after you have upgraded this package.

Version 0.11.50300 - 2021-10-25

  • Fixed downloading of photos

Version 0.11.49487 - 2021-10-13

  • Slightly improved large backup performance

  • jotta-cli observe --limit is no longer a valid flag

  • Can no longer download Photos root, download Albums or Timeline instead

  • Fixed a bug with listing remote devices with duplicate names

  • Fixed a bug with observing groups

Version 0.11.47628 - 2021-09-13

  • Apple silicon support

  • Fixed backslashes in *nix file/folder names

  • Improved shell completion for bash, zsh, and fish

  • Persistent reporting of last change time for backups

Version 0.11.44593 - 2021-06-03

  • Added new sorting and formatting options for ls

  • Added fish and zsh completions

  • Improved shell completions

  • Improved network rate monitoring accuracy

  • Performance improvements

  • Fixes for paths on windows with trailing whitespaces

  • Fixes and improvements for slack/discord webhooks

Version 0.10.44059 - 2021-05-14

  • Fixed crash on 32-bit OSes

Version 0.10.43844 - 2021-05-06

  • Added custom logfile location jottad.ini file setting (LogfileDir)

  • Observe improvements and fixes

  • Improved status text to be more consistent

  • Improved internal performance

  • Checking for available space before doing restores

  • Fixed rare crash when changing download/upload rate

Version 0.10.42740 - 2021-04-07

  • Added jotta-cli pause --backup and jotta-cli resume --backup

  • Added the option to set the checksum rate (config checksumreadrate)

  • jotta-cli download --merge no longer prompts about overwrite

  • Improvements to file system events

  • Fixed a bug with incorrect photo timeline timestamps

Version 0.9.41303 - 2021-03-03

  • Fixed a bug where downloading a photo year would download every timeline photo

  • Fixed a bug where linux could not generate device ID

  • Reduce the amount of logfiles stored

Version 0.9.39536 - 2021-02-01

  • Fixed "Account Full" message incorrectly displayed for business users

  • Added patch to retry previous incomplete files after fixing bug in 0.9.1

Version 0.9.39279 - 2021-01-28

  • Fixed a bug causing incomplete file uploads to not be retried

Version 0.9.38023 - 2021-01-13

  • Added Photos/Timeline ls and download

  • Added the option to list timeline months as text or numbers (config photosmonthastext)

  • Added the option to set the limit of concurrent uploads and downloads (config maxdownloads|maxuploads)

  • Improvements with downloading large batches of files and photos

  • Fixed a bug where the remote device ID was lost

  • Fixed a bug where network folders could not be added to backup

  • Fixed a bug where photo downloads could not be piped to stdout

Version 0.8.36055 - 2020-11-25

  • Added shared files management ( jotta-cli share -h )

  • Added jotta-cli download --retry=downloadid

  • Added jotta-cli download --merge ( download an updated folder into a previously downloaded folder )

  • Added jotta-cli status -v ( lists all failed uploads for each backup )

  • jotta-cli observe now lists file counts as well as byte counts

  • Improved error messages for most errors

  • Reverted jotta-cli login device hardwareid restriction added in 0.7

  • Fixed screenshotcapture for certain macos versions

  • Fixed a bug causing failed downloads for zerobyte files

  • Fixed a bug causing mangled output for jotta-cli download -O

  • Fixed a bug causing startup to fail due to a leftover file in appdata

  • Fixed a few cases of input path mangling if using msys2 on windows

  • Fixed a bug causing jotta-cli web to not open a browser properly

  • Fixed a jottad crash on 32bit operating systems

Version 0.7.35160 - 2020-11-11

  • Added download to stdout and archive from stdin

  • jotta-cli observe has replaced jotta-cli download --watch

  • jotta-cli pause persists across sessions

  • Fixed an issue preventing backup due to jottad losing its devicename

  • Fixed an issue where scans would not start

  • Fixed an issue where photos could not be downloaded

  • Fixed an issue causing global ignores not to work

Version 0.7.33634 - 2020-10-12

  • Added download option for individual photo albums and photos

  • Filesystem events for backup: by setting the scan interval to 0, filesystem events will trigger backup

  • New trash subcommands: jotta-cli trash ls and jotta-cli trash restore

  • jotta-cli trash purge can be used for indivudual files or folders

Version 0.6.32724 - 2020-09-28

  • Renewed jottad/jottacli certificates. They can talk to eachother again

Version 0.6.24251

  • Added Photos to jotta-cli ls 

Version 0.6.24236

  • Added Photos as a new download root ( experimental )

  • Fixed a racecondition in backup queues sometimes causing backups not to start

Version 0.6.23681

  • Removed a non-printable character from jotta-cli status output

  • Fixed an issue preventing logouts in some situations

Version 0.6.21799

  • Added jotta-cli trash purge

  • Ensure executable init script for sysv

  • Fixed an issue that could cause logouts if service was started without internet access

Version 0.6.18626

  • Fixed a bug where login would sometimes not work when using cmd.exe on windows 

Version 0.6.18443

  • Fixed a bug where login would not work on some 32-bit systems 

Version 0.6

  • Changed to new authentication system.
    jotta-cli no longer asks for your password when logging in. Instead it asks for a
    personal login token you can generate when logged in on

  • Changed jottad to listen on and not by default
    can be changed in the config file (typically /etc/jottad/config.ini)

  • Added (linux only) jotta-cli add /path/to/already/added/folder --confirmexisting  
    use if filesystemid has changed to restart backup of folder

  • Updated golang to version 1.12 

  • Fixed path validation on some linux versions

  • Fixed screenshot detection on osx mojave

  • Fixed a crash when adding a non-existing path

  • Fixed jottad accepting jotta-cli add  of files

Version 0.5.15025

  • Fixed a bug comparing modified file timestamps on some systems

  • jotta-cli download --abort=all  now clears historical downloads as well 

Version 0.5.14545

  • Renamed jotta-cli list downloadinfo to  jotta-cli list downloaderrors and reenabled the commands --downloadid  flag

  • Downloaded files now have the modified date from the server set

  • Added jotta-cli logfile which prints the full path of the logfile

  • Added jotta-cli dump which prints a simplified version of the entire backup set as json to stdout. Useful if you want to look at the state of backup programatically.

  • Fixed a crash in the jotta-cli binary that could occur using jotta-cli archive

Version 0.5.14050

  • Renewed jottad/jottacli certificates. They can talk to eachother again

  • Fixed freebsd issues adding folders to backup

Version 0.5.13645

  • Added jotta-cli archive --remote  back after accidentally removing in the first 0.5 release 

  • Added content-type application/json to webhook post requests

  • Fixed a few issues related to interacting with downloads when jottad is paused

Changes to debian/redhat packages

  • Setting correct permissions for config and data directories. This will also fix any wrong permissions from previous installs when upgrading

  • Managed service for jottad, will start and restart jottad upon installation and upgrade. This will also enable start of jottad on computer restart

Version 0.5

  • Restructured the jotta-cli menu and command structure. See jotta-cli -h  and jotta-cli command -h  for more information.

  • Added download of files and folders

# initiate a download 
jotta-cli download /path/to/file/or/folder path/to/localdestination

# abort an ongoing or clear a finished download
jotta-cli download --abort=downloadid

# list downloads
jotta-cli list downloads

# list information about a finished download
jotta-cli list downloadinfo --downloadid=downloadid

# watch download progress
jotta-cli download --watch

# more information
jotta-cli download -h

  • Added bash completion for all jotta-cli commands on linux and MacOS. There is also dynamic bash completion for the jotta-cli download  and jotta-cli ls  commands. Try it using jotta-cli download [TABTAB]  or jotta-cli ls [TABTAB]    more information

  • Added jotta-cli ls  which lets users browse their remote filesystems. This is useful on windows where bash completion is not availiable or if you are using a non-bash shell. 

  • Added screenshotscapture for MacOS. When enabled it will automatically upload any screenshots detected and and prepare a sharelink for the screenshot on your clipboard. jotta-cli config set screenshotscapture true  to enable.

  • Added ratelimiting of uploads and downloads

jotta-cli config set downloadrate/uploadrate rate 
# set downloadrate to 5MB/s
jotta-cli config set downloadrate 5m

# more examples of rates:
# 512K (512 KB/s)
# 10M  (10 MB/s)
# 0    (unlimited)
  • Added a few config settings:

# for more information about changing the configuration
jotta-cli config set -h

# to see current configuration
jotta-cli config get

# change download or upload rate
# units are for example: 512k 1m 2m 0(unlimited)
jotta-cli config set downloadrate rate
jotta-cli config set uploadrate rate

# change how much resources(cpu/disk) jottad uses when scanning.
# higher value means slower scan.
# units are [0-50]
jotta-cli config set slowmomode 20

# write all upload and downloads to the logfile
jotta-cli config set logtransfers true

# MacOS only. Capture and share screenshots
jotta-cli config set screenshotscapture true

  • Fixed a number of issues related to adding various filesystems included remote mounted filesystems to backup. More filesystems can now be added to backup. Detection of unmounting is now done using the filesystemid given by stat -f format=%i . A change of the filesystemid of the rootfolder will stop backup and present a warning to jotta-cli status.

Version 0.4.4986

  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect evalution of .jottaignore rules

Version 0.4

  • Added support for additional filesystems (documentation)

  • Added jotta-cli pause duration(documentation)

  • Added jotta-cli resume 

  • Fixed a few bugs related to validation of paths during jotta-cli add path 

  • Added support for FreeBSD (how to install)

With the 0.4 release we will introduce some potentially breaking changes to the deb and rpm packages.

  • Added post and pre install script to detect currect init system to install correct init-script (sysvinit/upstart/systemd). This will cause any previous init-scripts to be removed, so be sure to backup these first as they are not marked as config-files in the current release and will not be preserved by local changes to them.

  • Added default user jottad for running the daemon. This will also create a new default location for the datadir in /var/lib/jottad , and thus log you out of your account. To mitigate this copy any existing config and auths from /root/.jottad  or $HOME/.jottad  after installation and restart the daemon. You should also make sure they are owned by the new user by issuing chown -R jottad:jottad /var/lib/jottad  after copying the files. If you are using a custom datadir that datadir will still be used and you will not be logged out unless jottad no longer has access to the datadir.

Running as a not-root user by default will decrease security vulnerabilities but will also have the effect of jottad not being able to read any files not accessable by the jottad user or group. To mitigate this either:

  • Change the running user of the process by editing /etc/systemd/system/jottad.service , /etc/init/jottad.conf  or /etc/init.d/jottad 

  • Make the files accessible by adding the jottad user to a group with access to the files

  • chmod -ing the files to make them accessible

Version 0.3.4269

  • Added customizable application data directory

  • Changed archive --remote behaviour. No longer prefix with devicename

Version 0.3

  • Initial release

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