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Using the Sync Folder with Jottacloud CLI

Setting up and starting the sync folder with Jottacloud CLI

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jotta-cli can be used to sync with The instructions in this article explain how to set it up and get started.


To get started, run the command below:

jotta-cli sync setup --root ROOT_FOLDER

Where ROOT_FOLDER is the desired location of the sync folder.

Read the disclaimer and type "yes" to continue if you agree.

Next choose the desired reporting mode. By default "full" reporting is provided, which sends us the entire metadata of your sync folder, which is useful for us to debug with. If you are uncomfortable providing this, you can select "stackonly" to just send us runtime info, or "off" to not report any errors to us.

Next the setup will display the entire path it will use as the root. If this is incorrect, type "n" and restart the setup using the absolute path.

Selective Sync

The next stage of setup will ask if you want to setup selective sync. This allows you to selectively ignore certain folders inside your sync folder. To find out more about this, see this article.

You can set this up later if you want.

Running Sync

Sync is now ready to run, however no actions will take place immediately! There are a few options:

For normal sync operation, in which any changes locally and on are instantly synchronised, run:

jotta-cli sync start

This active operation can be stopped:

jotta-cli sync stop

To do a single sync operation between your local device and, run:

jotta-cli sync trigger

If any further changes are made after this, they will not be detected, and you will have to trigger every time you want to sync up your local device with the cloud. Note that trigger can only be run while active sync is not enabled.

Sync Status

To see the current status of sync, including the total size, downloading and uploading files, run jotta-cli status.

To observe the activity of sync transfers, run jotta-cli observe --sync. With this command you can see individual sync file uploads and downloads.

You can also see all individual sync actions, both remote and local, with the following command:

jotta-cli sync log -nN

Where N is the desired number of log entries to view.

You can also see an active stream of sync log entries with the command:

jotta-cli sync log --watch

Moving the Sync folder

The sync folder can be moved at runtime with the command:

jotta-cli sync move NEW_ROOT_FOLDER

Where NEW_ROOT_FOLDER is the desired new sync destination.

Do NOT move the sync folder in other ways - jotta-cli may think you have deleted all of your files and mirror this operation on!


To clear the local sync config and stop all sync operation, run:

jotta-cli sync reset

Note that this will NOT delete your sync folder (both on your local machine, and on To also remove all local sync files afterwards, run:


Make sure to only do this after resetting sync!

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