The command-line interface can be used by typing the following command after installation.
 jotta-cli [command]

For a list of all available options, simply type jotta-cli  without any options or commands.

  jotta-cli [command]

Available Commands:
  add          Adds a folder to continuous backup
  archive      Archive/upload a single file to jottacloud
  completion   Bash completion for jotta-cli
  config       Set or get a configuration setting
  download     Download a file or folder
  dump         Dump the local backupdatabase
  help         Help about any command
  ignores      Set or view ignore files
  list         List ongoing downloads and information about completed downloads
  logfile      prints the path of the logfile
  login        Login. Necessary for jottad to run
  logout       Logout. Resets credentials and stop backups
  ls           list a backed up folder
  pause        Pause jottad for an amount of time
  rem          Stop backing up a current backup folder
  resume       Resume jottad if paused
  scan         Trigger a scan of one or more backupfolders
  status       Shows you the state of the system right now
  tail         Watch the logfile stream
  version      Show version information
  web          Open jottacloud website
  webhook      Manage webhooks

  -h, --help          help for jotta-cli
      --host string   the ip address of the host jottad is running on (default "")
      --port string   the port jottad is listening on (default "14443")

Log in and create device

The first thing you need to do is log in and setup the device on Jottacloud.

jotta-cli login

  1. Accept the terms and conditions of Jottacloud
  2. Input your Personal Login Token ( go to to generate a token ).
  3. Give your device a name.

You are now ready to add folders for backup.

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