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How to pause Jottacloud CLI

Learn how to pause and resume Jottacloud CLI

Updated over a week ago

You can pause jottad for a duration.  This can be useful if you suddenly need the bandwidth or cpu that jottad was using for backup. Or if you are going to be changing a lot of the files in a backup set and don't want intermediate or half-done versions of files saved. For instance, switching back and forth between git branches can cause a lot of file changes you might not want to reflect to your backup set.

jotta-cli pause [duration]


jotta-cli pause 5m 
jotta-cli pause 6h30m

The above will cause jottad to pause for 5minutes or 6hours, 30minutes respectivly. More examples of duration strings can be found here.

Durations expire withinn +/- 1 minute of when it was set to so even though you can set a nanosecond precision duration there is little point. 

If you have one or more webhooks added, jottad will post to the webhooks that it is pausing. It will also post to the webhooks when it resumes either automatically after the duration has expired or if you resume manually as below.

jotta-cli resume

Using this feature you can easily schedule pauses in upload during times of the day. 

$ cat /etc/cron.d/jottad
# Pause jottad from 01:00 until 07:00 every day
0 1 * * * jottad /usr/bin/jotta-cli pause 6h
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