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There are two methods to help understand the current state of the command-line client, and to watch it's activity.

  • Status

  • Logs


To view the status of the command-line client, use the status command:

jotta-cli status 

This will display the following information:

$ jotta-cli status
 Account   : test-account
 Usage     : 1.57TB / 2.0TB
 Backups   :
   Path      : /Users/test/Desktop
   Files     : 8536 (8.48GiB)
   Status    : Up to date - Thu Jun 3 13:42:56

To see detail about errors (if there are any files that couldn't be backed up), use jotta-cli status -v .


The command-line client will write logs to the jotta-cli install directory. You can see its location with jotta-cli logfile. It can be moved via the config file - see how to do that here.

You can tail the logs of a running jottad process by using the tail command:

jotta-cli tail

Press ctrl-c to exit the command.

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