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Live Photos in the Jottacloud apps
Live Photos in the Jottacloud apps

How to view your Live Photos in our mobile apps, Apple TV and on the Jottacloud website.

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How Live Photo works in Jottacloud

Live Photo on iOS: 

The Live Photo feature from Apple records what happens 1,5 seconds before and after you take a photo. This recording is saved as a video file and is connected to your photo.

All your Live Photos on iOS will have a small icon in their top right corner. 

Jottacloud will play a short version of the Live Photo automatically (much like the Photos app on your phone). Tap and hold the screen to see the full length.

Live Photo on Android: 

All your Live Photos on Android will have a small play/pause icon in the top toolbar. 

Live Photos will play automatically by default. Autoplay can be turned off in the mobile app settings. You can also either tap on the live photo badge, or tap and hold your finger on the photo to play it.

Live Photo on web: 

All your Live Photos will have a small icon in their top left corner when you open them on 

The Live Photo will autoplay or you can hold the mouse over the icon to view it.

Live Photo on Apple TV: 

When you open a Live Photo in Jottacloud on Jottacloud on your Apple TV, the "video part" of the photo will be automatically played once.

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