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Jottacloud's webapp will no longer support out of date web browsers
Jottacloud's webapp will no longer support out of date web browsers

Note: This article only apply to users with old versions of their web browsers

Updated over a week ago

Jottacloud has discontinued support for some older versions of web browsers due to security issues with these browsers. This means that all customers using these browser-versions have to update their web browser in order to use Jottacloud's webapp.

Which web browsers does this apply to?

  • Chrome versions older than 30 

  • Firefox versions older than 27

  • Internet Explorer version older than 11

  • Microsoft Edge versions older than 11

  • Opera versions older than 17

  • Safari versions older than 7

  • Android versions older than 4.4.2

Why is it important to update web browsers?

Security is the main reason as to why it's important to update a web browser. Newer web browsers are better at protecting against fraud, virus, phishing and other threats. 

Speed and a better user-experience are other reasons to keep web browsers updated. Every generation of web browsers improves and adds new features, extensions and better customization, thus creating a better web experience. 

What to do if a web browser cannot be updated

Some common reasons for not being able to update the browser might include that the browser is in compability mode, or if the user does not have administrator rights on the computer being used.

In these cases turn off compability mode, or contact the organizations admin to get help updating the browser.

If still unable to update the current browser, please download and install another browser. A list of popular and free browsers can be found here. Third-party software is used at the users own risk. 

If you are not sure about having the latest version of your web browser you can check it on this website

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