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Remote control logged in devices and browsers in Jottacloud
Remote control logged in devices and browsers in Jottacloud

It is easy to see which devices and browsers are logged into your Jottacloudaccount, and log them out remotely.

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You get a complete overview over your authenticated devices and logged in web browsers when you are logged into. You can find it under the security tab in account settings.

This is split into two sections:

  • Authenticated devices

  • Authenticated web browsers

Authenticated devices

A list of all authenticated devices that run Jottacloud applications shows you device name, application type, location and when the device was last active. If for example your phone is lost or stolen you can easily remove access to your account from this device.

By pressing the X to the right of each device, you revoke access for that device:

Authenticated web browsers

Web browsers where you have a valid authenticated web session that can access your account are listed along with start date/time, location and when the session was last active. This overview updates after every new session which makes it easy to see suspicious activity on your account.

You can revoke individual web session by pressing the X button.

If you choose to revoke access for a device or web session, that device or browser will be logged out. Upload or automatic backup will stop, it will and loose access to your files.

To start/continue your backups you will have to log in again on that device.

This information gives you, our users, a better understanding of important security related information regarding your Jottacloudaccount, and the ability to act appropriately.

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