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Uploading Files to Jottacloud: Understanding the Options
Uploading Files to Jottacloud: Understanding the Options

Discover ways to upload files to Jottacloud! Install our apps for seamless backup and access.

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At our cloud service, there are various methods available for uploading files. Our applications make uploading files for safekeeping easy!

To get the most out of our cloud service, we recommend all users to download our apps.

Our service includes 3 apps:

  • A mobile app, recommended for uploads from mobile devices

  • A desktop application, recommended for uploads from computers

  • A web page for access and uploads via browser

Uploading files via our mobile app

Our mobile app is recommended for uploading files, photos and videos from your mobile phone and/ or tablet to our cloud.

Our app automatically uploads and backs up photos and videos from your phone and/ot tablet, and you can manually upload files like documents, PDF, etc... It it also possible to select our cloud as storage for local files.

All content uploaded to our mobile app from your phone and/or tablet is available when you log in to our web page.

Read more about our mobile app for here!

Uploading files via our desktop application

Our desktop application is recommended for uploading files and folders from your computer to our cloud.

Our application automatically uploads and backup folders to our cloud, and also offers synchronization between devices and an archive.

All content uploaded from our desktop application is available in the mobile app, and when you log in to our web page.

Read more about our desktop application here! You can also learn more about the difference between our Backup and Sync folders here.

Uploading files via our web page

Our web page makes sure your stored content is always available to you. When logged in, you can access uploaded files, photos, videos, and folders from both our mobile app and desktop application.

You can upload content directly from your device to our cloud via the web page. However, as browsers can be unstable for larger uploads and downloads, we recommend uploading content via our mobile app or desktop application.

Read more about uploading files via our web page here!

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