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How to upload files with a web browser
How to upload files with a web browser

How to upload files to our cloud using our web page.

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Uploading files via a web browser provides convenience, especially when you're on the go or using a device without access to our mobile or desktop apps.

You must be logged in to our web page in order to upload.

How to Upload:

  • Drag and Drop: Simply drag files or folders from your computer and drop them into our web application. Just make sure you are in your preferred storage location (Photos, Backup, Sync or Archive) before uploading.

  • Plus button: Click the plus button in the web application to open a file dialog and select the files you wish to upload.


  • Ease of Use: Drag-and-drop functionality makes uploading effortless.

  • Accessibility: No need to install additional software; upload from any computer with internet access.


  • Manual Selection: You must manually select the files for upload, whereas our apps provide automatic upload.

  • Speed and Reliability: Web uploads may be slower and less reliable, especially for larger files.

For a smoother and more efficient upload experience, we recommend using our mobile and/or desktop applications when available. The same goes for web downloads.

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