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You can download files using a web browser. This is very useful if you are traveling and need to access your files on the go.

Downloading files and folders is very simple from our web application. It is just a matter of selecting the files and folders you would like to download, and pressing the Download button.

If you download a single file, the file will be downloaded and saved to the download destination of your browser.

If you select multiple files, and/or folders, the web application will download a ZIP archive of the files to the download destination of your browser. You must then unzip or unpack the file. 

ZIP files downloaded from the Jottacloud web application are normally called "Jottacloud.zip".

Note: Downloading very large files or folders as a zip file can be slow and unreliable. In some cases users may experience that the download times out before it starts. In this case we recommend to try again. If it still fails, we recommend to download files with our desktop application.

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