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Step-by-step installation guide for Windows
Step-by-step installation guide for Windows

A guide to install the Jottacloud app on Windows, with images.

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Follow these steps to successfully install our desktop-program on Windows!

  1. Open up your preferred web-browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Vivaldi etc.). Go to our homepage:

2. Click 'Download the app' in the upper right:

3.  Click 'Windows' under Jottacloud for computers:

4. If not automatically downloaded to a preset location, you might be prompted to choose the location as to where the setup is saved:

5. The file will now start downloading (either as seen below, or on a line on the bottom of the browser-window):

6. Open the Setup file you've just downloaded (double-click or right click and choose "Open"):

7. Select your preferred language for the setup guide:

8. Read the information and click 'Next':

9. Choose the directory to where you want Jottacloud to be installed. Click 'Next'.

10. Choose if and where where the Jottacloud-shortcut should be created. Click 'Next'.

11. Jottacloud is ready to be installed! Click 'Install' or 'Back' if you want to change something from the previous steps:

12. The application will be installed:

13. After the progress bar is fully green and installation is complete, you will see this window:

14. Choose to launch Jottacloud when installation completes and click 'Finish'. If the application does not open you will find the Jottacloud icon in the bar down to the right. Right click and choose 'Open the Jottacloud application'. This will be the first step to set up Jottacloud:

15. Click 'Get started'. You will be asked to fill in you login details and log in:

16. Read the information on backup and click 'I understand':

17. Name your computer and choose which folders to backup right away. Click 'Next'.

18. Read the information on synchronizing. Click 'Got it'.

19. Choose the location of the Sync-folder, and if you want to synchronize to the computer you're on or not. Click 'Start'.

You are finished!
This is how the application looks:

As soon as Jottacloud has scanned and uploaded all files in the folders you've added, it will have 'Updated' next to it. You can view the progress at the bottom of the window.

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