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Selective sync (new desktop application)

Select which folders app will sync between a computer and Jottacloud

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Jottacloud is a cloud storage service that allows users to store their files and data securely in the cloud. One of the key features of Jottacloud is its selective sync option, which allows users to choose which folders to sync with their computer.

Selective sync is available in Jottaclouds desktop app and is useful when you have a large amount of data stored in the cloud and want to save space on your local device. It allows you to choose which files and folders you want to sync with your device, rather than syncing everything by default. This can help you save storage space on your device and also reduce bandwidth usage when syncing files.

There are two main ways to setup selective sync. You can set it up when you install the desktop app, or at any time after installation from the "Sync folder" tab in the desktop app.

Set up selective sync during installation

Setting up during installation is recommended if have an exisiting Jottacloud account with a lot of data synced already and don't want all the folders synced to the computer you are currently installing the app on.

During installation select "Choose folders to sync" when the Sync folder page is shown:

Set up selective sync when the app is installed and running

Selective sync can also be accessed in the the Files section, and the Sync folder tab in the desktop app, after the app has been installed. Click "Selective sync" to get started:

Then select the folders you want to sync to the computer by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the folders you want to sync. This part of the set up is the same whether you do it during installation or once the app is running:

When you are happy with your selection, click "Done"


PS! Be aware that deleting a folder from the sync folder which is selected for sync, will delete it both from the computer and your Jottacloud account. Deleting a folder which is not selected for sync will only delete it from the computer.

Deselecting a folder from sync before it is completely uploaded, will just stop the sync of that folder. The folder will not be deleted from your computer or your Jottacloud account, and you will need to delete the folder from the syncfolder to save space on you computer.

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