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New Desktop Application!

View Jottacloud's new desktop application and it's new features.

Updated this week

Jottacloud is proud to present our new Desktop application. All features are intact with a lot of improvements.

What's new?

Other than being more stable, secure, faster and intuitive here are some key features that are new:

  • New look and feel

  • New and improved sync engine with selective sync

  • Faster backups

  • Access to Archive

  • macOS Finder extension

New look!

At first glance, you will see the new landing page. Home provides you with an overview of the recent file updates and the latest synchronization info to the Sync folder and Backup.

Files provide access to Backups, the Sync folder, and the Archive, as well as backups from other devices. In this section, you can manage your backups by adding, removing, and downloading files and folders. Additionally, under Backups, you can schedule backup from your device.

Jottacloud's new desktop application

Your profile icon provides useful options such as settings, pausing/resuming backup and access to our help center.

Selective Sync folder

The Jottacloud application now offers a new and improved Sync folder with selective sync. You choose which folders you want to synchronize with the Sync folder.

You can read more about Selective Sync here!


The Jottacloud application is more responsive and written in a newer, faster working programming language. At the same keeping the fundamentals of the old Jottacloud application, a secure, reliable and stable Cloud service.


Our new application gives you access to our Archive feature and allows you to upload and download directly to and from the Archive.

You can read more about our Archive here!

macOS Finder extension

Our latest desktop application includes a powerful macOS Finder extension, enhancing the integration between Jottacloud and your Mac. The Finder extension adds a shortcut to the Sync folder directly within Finder, making it easier to access and manage your files.

Additionally, it provides convenient options in the right-click context menu, allowing you to perform various actions on your files. This integration aims to streamline your workflow, giving you quicker and more intuitive access to your Jottacloud storage directly from Finder.

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