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Automatic backup and synchronization from computers
Automatic backup and synchronization from computers

Learn how you can use our desktop app to automatically back up and synchronize files between your computer and Jottacloud.

Updated over a week ago

The Jottacloud desktop app (sometimes called desktop client) for macOS and Windows computers lets you automatically upload files from your computer to Jottacloud.

The app lets you add folders that will be backed up to Jottacloud. We call this Backup. Changes you make in these folders are mirrored FROM your computer TO Jottacloud. All the folders you back up to Jottacloud are located under the Backup tab of your Jottacloud account.

The desktop app also lets you synchronize files between all your computers and Jottacloud. A special folder called the Sync folder is mirrored both TO AND FROM Jottacloud.

Uploading files to backup or sync is automatic. The Desktop app works in the background. Changes made to backup folders or the sync folder is instantly uploaded to Jottacloud.

Note: Using the Desktop app is the fastest and most reliable way to upload files to Jottacloud. 

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