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Restoring files to your computer
Restoring files to your computer

Learn how to download large files and folders to your computer with our desktop app.

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The Jottacloud desktop app (sometimes called desktop client) for Windows and Mac lets you automatically download or restore entire folder structures to your computer.

This is very useful if you get a new computer or simply want a local copy of your files.

Restoring can be done in the desktop app. Open the Jottacloud desktop app user interface and click on the Restore tab.

The Restore tab contains a list of all your backed up devices and folders, and the Archive.

Navigate to the folder you want to download by double-clicking in the list. Then select the folder, and press Start Download.

Note: You can select multiple files and folders in one restore operation. Just Shift+Click to select multiple items.

When you press Start Download, the desktop app will prepare the download. Next you need to select the destination folder. 

When you are ready to start, click Start Download.

Note: The desktop app will download files in the background. It is ok to close the Jottacloud window during this process.

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