There are several ways in which you can download your data from Jottaclouds servers. You can download via the Jottacloud desktop app, the Jottacloud syncfolder or our website. Keep reading to learn about the different ways to download data from Jottacloud.

Download using the Jottacloud desktop app:

You can restore/download all Backed up and Archived files, using the Restore tab in the Jottacloud desktop app.

To start, open your Jottacloud desktop app and navigate to the Restore tab:

Doubleclick the computer, devicename or the location which holds the files that you want to download. Select the folder or file that you want to download, and click "Start download". You will now see this prompt:

Select the location on your harddrive where the files will be stored after download, by clicking the "Change" button. When the prompt says Ready to download and shows you a blue checkmark, click Start download to start downloading the data to your chosen location.

Download via your Internet browser:

Log on to using you username and password.

Navigate to the tab which contains the data which you want to download(Synced files, Backed up files, Archive or the Trashbin), and then click "Download" in the top right corner:

There are several different browsers you can use to download data, and they do it a little differently. For the most part the browser will either download all your files into a "Dwonloads" folder every time, or you will be prompted to select a download location.

Download via the Jottacloud Syncfolder:

The Jottacloud syncfolder will automatically download the contents of Synced files automatically once you install the desktop app. They will automatically be placed in the Jottacloud syncfolder, which can be found under Favourites/Quick access in your file system.

You can also download synced files from the website, as explained above.

We recommend using the Jottacloud desktop app to download larger amounts of data. The Jottacloud website is better suited to downloading smaller folders or files.

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