In this article we look at how you can save attachments directly to Jottacloud through the Files app. Saving attachments on iPhone or iPad works the same as long as you download the attachment from an app, not a web browser. If you download from a browser, the attachment will save to "Downloads".

To save attachments to Jottacloud, you must have activated Jottacloud in the Files app. You can read more about how to activate here.

How to save attachments to Jottacloud with the Files app

  1. Click the attachment to open preview

  2. Click the option menu in the top right corner

  3. Select "Save to Files"

  4. Click on Jottacloud and select where in Jottacloud you would like to save the attachment - Archive, Backup or Sync

  5. Save to an existing or new folder

    • Save to existing folder
      Select the folder you want to save the attachment to by clicking it. Then click "Save" in the top right corner

    • Save to new folder
      Click the new folder icon in the upper right corner. Give the folder a name and click "Done". Then click "Save" in the top right corner to save the attachment to the new folder

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