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The difference between Backup and Synchronization
The difference between Backup and Synchronization

Learn when to backup, and when to synchronize.

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Backup and Sync are two different ways of uploading and storing your files on Jottacloud. Each method has it's own benefits. This will help you to decide when to use the backup feature, and when to use the sync feature.


The Jottacloud desktop app can automatically back up folders from your computer to Jottacloud. Backup can run continuously (default) or scheduled on certain times and days.

Backup lets you select folders that you want Jottacloud to "watch", by dragging the folders into the "Backup" tab in the Jottacloud desktop client.

Changes you make in these folders are mirrored FROM your computer TO Jottacloud. All the folders you back up to Jottacloud are located under the Backup tab of your Jottacloud account.

Use backup when you want to:

  • Backup files for safe keeping on Jottacloud

  • Access those files from anywhere in the world using our web app or mobile app

  • Backup an external hard drive to Jottacloud

  • Backup a NAS to Jottacloud

Note: Files you add to a backed up folder are automatically uploaded to Jottacloud. Files you modify in a backed up folder are uploaded to Jottacloud as a new version of the file. We keep five versions of your files.
Files you delete from your computer are ALSO deleted from your backup on Jottacloud.
If you delete, modify or add files to your backup on Jottacloud using our web app or mobile app, those changes will NOT be synchronized back to you computer.

Use the Archive if you just want to store files on Jottacloud and not on you computer.


The Jottacloud desktop app lets you synchronize files between all your computers and Jottacloud.

A special folder called the Sync folder mirrors the content both TO AND FROM Jottacloud. Synchronization is instant and continuous.

Folders inside the sync folder can be shared with your friends and colleagues. When they join the folder, all of it's content will be synchronized to their computers. Everyone who shares the folder can make changes that are synchronized to all other members instantly.

Use the sync folder when you want to:

  • Synchronize files and folders to all your computers

  • Access and make changes to files and folders, via our web app or mobile app,  that you want synchronized back to your computers

  • Collaborate on folders with friends and colleagues

Note: If you delete a file from the Sync folder, it will be deleted from Jottacloud and all your synchronized computers. If you delete a file from a shared folder, it will be deleted from all the members computers.
Note: Files located in the Sync folder will NOT be downloaded to mobile devices automatically. This is simply because mobile devices have limited storage space compared to computers. Instead you can browse and download the files you want to access.

Where should I put my folders?

We usually recommend that you put the folders which you want to share, or need immediate access to on all your devices, in the syncfolder. The data you just want to safely backup, should be added to the Backup tab in the desktop client.

The reasoning behind this is that it is very easy to use up a lot of harddrive space on your connected devices, if all data is put into the syncfolder.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

You cannot add the same folder to both the Syncfolder and Backup, you have to choose one of the systems on a per-folder basis. If you for some reason want to put a folder from Backup in the syncfolder, you have to copy it and give it a new name.

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