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How to Backup (New desktop application)
How to Backup (New desktop application)

Learn how to select and back up folders with our desktop application.

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Backup automatically secures your folders by uploading them from your computer to our cloud, offering protection against data loss.

Our Backup feature mirrors your chosen folders from your machine locally and up to our cloud.

This guide will help you add folders to backup during setup and after installation.

Adding Folders to Backup During Installation

When installing our desktop application, you'll be prompted to select the folders you want to back up. The setup process typically includes common folders like Documents, Pictures, and Desktop. You can choose from these default folders and add others after the installation.

Adding Additional Folders to Backup After Installation

  1. Open the Backup Section: Launch our desktop application and go to Files > Backups. Click the "Add Folder" button to select additional folders to back up.

  2. Start Uploading: Once you've added a folder, the application will start uploading your files to our cloud. You can track the progress in real time.

  3. Confirmation of Backup: After the upload is complete, you'll see a green checkmark next to the folder, indicating successful backup, along with the date it was last updated.

Tips for Using Backup

  • Automatic Synchronization: Once a folder is backed up, any changes you make are automatically synced with our cloud.

  • Monitor Backup Status: To ensure all your files are current, regularly check the backup status in the application.

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