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Managing notifications in Jottacloud
Managing notifications in Jottacloud

How to turn notifications on and off in Jottacloud for mobile and web.

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By default you will receive email notifications when something noteworthy happens in your account. You can turn these on and off as you like under Settings when you are logged in to Jottacloud on web:

Click the purple switch to turn off the notification.

Notifications when files are removed

Choose whether to receive email if a large number of files are suddenly removed from your account. This can happen if you (or an application you installed) have deleted or moved files from a sync folder or backup. If you get an email about this and it wasn't intended, you can check the Jottacloud Recycle Bin on the web. The files can be restored within 30 days.

Notifications about activity in shared albums

Choose whether you want to receive emails or notifications when people start following one of your albums, add photos or comment on it. You can also choose to only get one of them. If you want to turn them off completely, uncheck them both.

Notifications about Jottacloud

You can also choose whether you want product updates and news about Jottacloud by email.

Where will I see the notifications?

App notifications will appear on the bell symbol on the web. Click the bell to bring up the alerts:

On mobile, the notifications appear on the screen as with other apps:

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