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The Photo Timeline Explained
The Photo Timeline Explained

Here is how our Photo Timeline works

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Our cloud service includes a Photo timeline, which displays all photos and videos you have uploaded to our cloud service.

The Photo Timeline can be accessed in the mobile app and when logged into our web page. You will find it under Photos from the main menu.

What is the Photo Timeline?

Our Photo Timeline collects all photos and videos you have uploaded to our cloud service and organizes them in a chronological timeline. This means you can see photos and videos in the timeline even if they were uploaded to other locations like Files (Sync, Backups, or Archive).

Photos and videos are organized by time, with the latest at the top and the oldest at the bottom. They are also grouped by day.

Photo capture dates are extracted from photo metadata. If a photo is missing metadata, it will be displayed under "Hidden Photos".

Hidden Photos

Hidden Photos are photos stored in our cloud service that lack metadata. Metadata includes information such as the date and time the photo was taken and the location where it was captured. Without metadata, our system cannot properly sort and display the photos, which is why they are moved to "Hidden Photos".

You can move photos and videos from Hidden Photos to the Photo Timeline, and from the Photo Timeline to Hidden Photos.

How to upload to the Photo Timeline

You can upload photos and videos to the Photo Timeline via our mobile app and web page. In the mobile app, uploads can happen automatically or manually, while on the web page, uploads must be done manually.

Upload from our mobile app to the Photo Timeline

Our mobile app can back up all the photos and videos you have taken with your phone, and new ones automatically. They will be stored under Photos, in the Photo Timeline.

Upload from our web page and the Photo Timeline

You can manually upload photos and videos to the Photo Timeline when logged into our web page. Click the plus sign to add photos and videos from your device.

How to download from the photo timeline

  1. Login to our web page

  2. Go til Files and Backups

  3. Open the folder called "Photo Timeline Uploads"

  4. Download the desired folders

To download specific photos or videos, select them directly in the timeline and click "Download".

If you have photos and videos that are displayed in the timeline but were uploaded elsewhere, you need to download them from their original storage location.

Since the Photo Timeline displays all photos and videos regardless of where they were uploaded, a download-all option is not available.

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