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Backing up a network drive (NAS) with Jottacloud
Backing up a network drive (NAS) with Jottacloud

Learn how to back up folders from a NAS with Jottacloud for PC/Mac.

Updated over a week ago

We allow all users backup of network disks / NASs per Jottacloud account. We do not offer own clients to network drives, so the backup of such equipment must go through a computer running Jottacloud client. 

How to add folders from a NAS

To backup a network drive, simply add folders from the NAS drive in the same way as you would add folders from an external disk to "Backup".

Folders on network drives will be scanned for changes only one time per hour.

The disadvantage is then that all datatraffic will go through your computer. However it's a little easier to keep track trough the Jottacloud client available from your computer.

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