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Which images and videos are shown in Jottacloud photos timeline?
Which images and videos are shown in Jottacloud photos timeline?

A list over file formats previewed in the Jottacloud Photos timeline

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The Jottacloud photos timeline accepts several types of image and video files, and will display a preview of these files in the photos timeline and albums in Jottacloud. 

The following image formats are supported by Jottacloud Photos:

  • JPG

  • PNG


  • JPEG-2000


The following RAW formats are supported by Jottacloud Photos:

  • Canon: CRW, CR2, CR3

  • Universal: DNG, RAW, RW2

  • Nikon: NEF, NRW

  • Leaf: MOS

  • Sony: ARW, SR2, SRF

  • Mamiya: MEF

  • Hasselblad: 3FR, FFF

  • Epson: ERF

  • Foveon: X3F

  • Minolta: MRW

  • Leika: RWL

  • Kodak: DCR, KDC

  • Pentax: PEF

  • Fuji: RAF

  • Olympus: ORF

There are however some exceptions:

  • Images which does not have an ISO value set in the file's metadata, and is not uploaded from a mobile app or through the website, will be automatically hidden in the timelime. You can manually unhide these files, to show them in the timeline and albums.

  • Images that have a megapixel count lower than 0.2 Megapixels will automatically be excluded from the Jottacloud photos timeline. These images cannot be unhidden.

  • Imagefiles which are larger than 150 MB will not be transcoded, and therefore they will not be shown in the timeline.

Jottacloud photos timeline supports these video formats:

  • 3GP

  • 3GPP

  • Quicktime

  • MP4

We will most likely add support for more image and video formats in the future.

Please note that you can upload any filetype to Jottacloud's servers, to store them safely in the Jottacloud Files service. This article explains which filetypes can be displayed as previews in the Jottacloud photo timeline.

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