Reduced upload speed

Note: This article only apply to users with a Jottacloud Personal subscription.

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Note: This article does not apply to users with a Jottacloud Home or Jottacloud Business subscription.

What is reduced upload speed?

Reduced upload speed is a measure put in place to prevent misuse of the Jottacloud Personal subscription.

The Jottacloud Personal subscription, which offers unlimited storage space for personal files, was created to provide predictability for our users. "Unlimited" refers to available storage space in this subscription. 

Our goal is that only users with an abnormally high storage usage, or excessive network traffic to our servers, are affected by these changes. 

How does reduced upload speed work?

Reduced upload speed means that uploading files from your device to Jottacloud might take a little longer. Download speed and other use of the service is not changed, and you can still store as much data as you need in your account. 

If you store more than 5 TB of data on Jottacloud, your upload speed is automatically reduced. The reduction in upload speed is greater the more data you store in your account.  

The upload speed goes back to normal when your storage is reduced below 5 TB. 

How can I prevent reduced upload speed?

Keeping your account organized, and reducing the storage of unnecessary files is the best way to avoid reduced upload speed. 

Reducing unnecessary storage help us keep prices low and quality high for all our users.  

Below are 4 tips on how to reduce account storage:

1. Get an overview of your stored data

An excellent place to start is getting av overview of how much data you are storing. You can see how much you are storing in your account by going to Settings and Subscription.

2. Delete unwanted files, photos or videos
Go to Files on your account and delete files you don’t need to backup. We recommend going through Archive, Backed up and Synced on your account.

Another option is to check your account to see if you have stored files, photos or videos multiple times and delete any copies you don't need. 

Especially videos or large sized photos can take up a lot of storage. 

Also, make sure that you only store data in accordance with our terms of use. You are not allowed to store illegal data and pirated movies on Jottacloud. 

3. Empty the Trash Can
The Trash Can on your Jottacloud account stores deleted files for 30 days. Emptying the Trash Can is a quick and easy way to decrease your storage.

4. Upgrade to a Home subscription
Upgrading to a Home subscription with 10 TB or 20 TB of storage space is an option if you want to avoid reduced upload speeds. Jottacloud Home subscriptions does not include reduced upload speed. You can upgrade your subscription by going to

What is the maximum upload speed?

The maximum upload speed for a single file is shown in the table below. The Desktop client can upload six files in parallel.  As always, your actual upload speed is dependent on speed limitations from your ISP and other network traffic.

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