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Comment on an album or photo on mobile
Comment on an album or photo on mobile

How to comment on shared albums and album photos in Jottacloud for mobile.

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When you have shared an album you can all comment on each photo and on the album itself. Commenting is available on mobile and web. This article will explain how it works on mobile. You can read the guide for web here.

How to comment on shared albums and album images on the website:

To comment on an album or a single photo in the album, the album must be shared with others. You can read how to share albums here. 

When the album is shared, the members can all post comments. The members can also edit and delete their own comments. Currently it's not possible to manage which of the members can comment or not.

Comment on an album

When you are in a shared album, a comment box will appear at the end of the screen. This will display all comments on every photo, providing an overview of who has commented, what and when they have commented.

Click on the comment box to comment on the entire album. Write your comment and click Send to post it:

When a photo is commented, the number of comments will be displayed in the speech bubble below the photo. By clicking on the speech bubble you can see all comments and post new comments:

Comment on a photo in an album

Click on the photo you want to comment on in the album and click on the speech bubble that appears in the menu below the photo. Press Send to post the comment:

You can edit and delete your own comments by clicking the options beside your name on the comment:

Notifications for new comments

Choose whether you want to be notified by email or app notification when new comments are posted. You can manage notifications in your account settings. 

Want to learn more about notifications from Jottacloud? Read this article

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