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Jottacloud in the Files-app on iPhone and iPad
Jottacloud in the Files-app on iPhone and iPad

Opportunities integration with the iOS Files app gives Jottacloud customers

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Jottacloud is integrated with the iOS Files app. This means that all files stored in Jottacloud also can be made available in the Files app your device. You must activate Jottacloud in the Files app yourself. Read how to activate here.

When Jottacloud is activated in the Files app, the information flows seamlessly between the two apps. You can organize, edit and create new files on your iPhone or iPad, and save directly to Jottacloud. In other words, no manual upload and download when changing files or saving new ones - it's automatic!

You will experience Jottacloud as a more natural and integrated part of your iPhone and iPad (like iCloud Drive) as your files become more accessible. It will be easier and more efficient to work with files, no matter where they are stored.

With Jottacloud activated in the Files app you can:

  • Select stored files from Jottacloud as attachments

  • Save attachments directly to Jottacloud

  • Move files and folders from other storage locations to Jottacloud

  • Save new files directly to Jottacloud

Learn more about your opportunities with the files integration:

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