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AI-powered Photo Search ✨

Introduction to Jottacloud's AI-powered Photo Search

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Welcome to Jottacloud's AI-powered Photo Search! This new feature makes it super easy to find the photos you want by typing in a sentence, phrase or word - no more scrolling through all your photos in the timeline. It's easy and intuitive for everyone to use, whether you're a professional photographer or just someone who loves taking pictures.

This article will give you an overview of how AI-powered Photo Search works and some tips to get the most out of the feature. We'll also explain the security and privacy aspects of the technology.If you want to learn more about the technology behind our AI-powered Photo Search you can read this help article.

What is AI-powered Photo Search?

AI-powered Photo Search is a search feature that uses artificial intelligence to find photos in your timeline. Instead of having to look through all your photos one by one, you can just type in a description of what you are looking for, and the AI algorithms will show you the most relevant results. Plus, once you've found a photo you like, you can click "Find similar". This is a great way to save time and hassle when looking for photos.


How to search for your photos

  1. Go to your photo timeline in Jottacloud's mobile app or website and click on the search bar. Make sure you're have the latest version of our mobile app.

  2. Type in a word or sentence that describes what you're looking for.
    For example, you could type "family at the beach at sunset" or "kids pirate birthday party".

  3. Hit enter/search, and our AI algorithms will quickly find all the photos that match your search term.

You can also keep building on your search query. If you searched for "Dog in a park" and you don't get exactly what you're looking for. Don't remove your search to try again - simply add to it. For example add "Brown" and "playing with a ball" to get more specific results.


Here are some examples of what you can search for:

With AI-powered Photo Search you can be very specific in your searches and you don't have to limit yourself to one word. Actually, a more detailed description will often give better results! Here are some examples of what you can search for:

  • Search for a specific theme or activity: Describe what you're looking for, such as "birthday party with the kids from kindergarten" or "diving along coral reefs".

  • Search for colors or color themes: For example "red autumn leaves falling from a tree" or "blue sky with white clouds"

  • Search for animals: Do you have a lot of photos of your pets or wildlife? Try searching "brown dog playing at the beach" or "lion cub at the zoo".

  • Search for specific objects: Try searching for "family at the beach during sunset" or "child with sunglasses hiking"

  • Search for a particular location: Although our AI-powered photo search doesn't yet take into account the location where the photo was taken, it can still find photos of specific places you're looking for. It can recognize some famous places, like "Paris", "Shopping in New York" or "A couple in front of Taj Mahal".

Being specific and combining searches can help you to quickly find the exact photos you're looking for, because you narrow down the results. This way you avoid sifting through a large number of photos that don't quite match what you're looking for.


Find Similar Photos

If you want to find photos that are similar to the ones you searched for, just click on a photo to see it in full view, and then select "Find similar". Our system will show you other photos that are similar in style or content.

Note that, unfortunately, at this time, our AI-powered Photo Search does not include facial recognition. However, we are working hard to develop this feature and hope to add it in the future!

Security, Privacy and AI-powered Photo Search

Our system utilizes pre-trained AI models for image analysis and natural language processing. These models have been trained on vast, external, datasets and Jottacloud does not conduct any further training using internal customer data.

Jottacloud follows the principles for processing personal data in the GDPR and the Personal Data Act, and has implemented a data protection strategy to ensure compliance with the GDPR. All processing of personal data is assessed and regularly revised against these security principles, in order to minimize risk to the data subjects' rights. Breach of security that affects registered persons' personal data is notified via e-mail or Jotta's direct messaging system.

If you want to learn more about GDPR, please read this article.

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