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How to quickly find your photos with our AI-powered Photo Search

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With AI-powered Photo Search you can be very specific in your searches and don't have to limit yourself to one word. Try typing in a sentence or phrase!

Here's how it works and examples of what you can search for:

  • Search for a specific theme or activity: Describe what you're looking for, such as "birthday party with the kids from kindergarten" or "diving along coral reefs".

  • Search for colors or color themes: For example "red autumn leaves falling from a tree" or "blue sky with white clouds"

  • Search for animals: Do you have a lot of photos of your pets or wildlife? Try searching " brown dog playing at the beach" or "lion cub at the zoo".

  • Search for specific objects: Try searching for "family at the beach during sunset" or "child with sunglasses hiking"

  • Search for a particular location: Although our AI-powered photo search doesn't yet take into account the location where the photo was taken, it can still find photos of specific places you're looking for. It can recognize well known places, like "Paris", "Shopping in New York" or "A couple in front of Taj Mahal".

You can also "keep building" searches! For example, let's say you searched for "Kids birthday party" and you don't get exactly what you're looking for. Don't remove your search to try again - simply add to it. For example add "with hats opening presents" to get more specific results.

Being specific in your search means more accurate matches. Combine and build searches to find the exact photos you're looking for, and avoid sifting through a large number of photos that don't match what you want.

Find similar photos

Once you find a photo that you like, simply click on it to view it in full size, and click "find Similar" to see similar photos.

Our "Find Similar" feature is a tool that makes it easy to find photos that are similar in style or content to the ones you're interested in. To use it, simply open a photo you like and click "Find Similar". Our AI-powered Photo Search will analyze the visual elements of your chosen photo and suggest other images that share similar qualities.

Want to learn more our AI-powered Photo Search? See our introduction article.

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