Version 0.4.4986

  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect evalution of .jottaignore rules

Version 0.4

  • Added support for additional filesystems (documentation)
  • Added jotta-cli pause duration(documentation)
  • Added jotta-cli resume 
  • Fixed a few bugs related to validation of paths during jotta-cli add path 
  • Added support for FreeBSD (how to install)

With the 0.4 release we will introduce some potentially breaking changes to the deb and rpm packages.

  • Added post and pre install script to detect currect init system to install correct init-script (sysvinit/upstart/systemd). This will cause any previous init-scripts to be removed, so be sure to backup these first as they are not marked as config-files in the current release and will not be preserved by local changes to them.
  • Added default user jottad for running the daemon. This will also create a new default location for the datadir in /var/lib/jottad , and thus log you out of your account. To mitigate this copy any existing config and auths from /root/.jottad  or $HOME/.jottad  after installation and restart the daemon. You should also make sure they are owned by the new user by issuing chown -R jottad:jottad /var/lib/jottad  after copying the files. If you are using a custom datadir that datadir will still be used and you will not be logged out unless jottad no longer has access to the datadir.

Running as a not-root user by default will decrease security vulnerabilities but will also have the effect of jottad not being able to read any files not accessable by the jottad user or group. To mitigate this either:

  • Change the running user of the process by editing /etc/systemd/system/jottad.service , /etc/init/jottad.conf  or /etc/init.d/jottad 
  • Make the files accessible by adding the jottad user to a group with access to the files
  • chmod -ing the files to make them accessible

Version 0.3.4269

  • Added customizable application data directory
  • Changed archive --remote behaviour. No longer prefix with devicename

Version 0.3

  • Initial release
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