The command-line interface can be used by typing the following command after installation.
 jotta-cli -[options] command 

For a list of all available options, simply type jotta-cli  without any options or commands.

usage: ./jotta-cli [options] command

-help           prints this
-host           hostname of jottad

version         Prints version info
login           Log in and setup jottad
logout          Will reset jottad
add             /path/to/folder - Adds the folder to backup
rem             /path/to/folder - Removes the folder from backup
scan            /path/to/folder - Initiates a scan
status          Show status information
tailf           Tail jottad logfile
web             Open Jottacloud website
ignores get     Print the current ignorefile
ignores set     /path/to/file - Set ignorefile

archive         /path/to/file [options] Upload file to archive
--remote        Where you want it?
--nogui         Don't use raw terminal mode for displaying progress
--share         Will generate a public link for the file

config set scaninterval          [value] Set scaninterval
config set webhookstatusinterval [value] Set webhookstatusinterval

webhook add [url] Add webhook URL
webhook rem [url] Remove webhook URL

Log in and create device

The first thing you need to do is log in with your user credentials and create the device on Jottacloud.

jotta-cli login

  1. Accept the terms and conditions of Jottacloud
  2. Type your username and password
    Username can be username, email or phone number.
  3. Give your device a name.

You are now ready to add folders for backup.

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