You can manange the command-line client on remote machines with the command-line interface .

The command-line interface (jotta-cli) allows you to connect to remote hosts running the jottad daemon. Use the -host option to specify the hostname or ip-address of the machine you want to manage.

Example: Display status from jottad on

jotta-cli -host status 

Note: Use jotta-cli without the -host option to manage localhost.

Connecting to jottad on a different host:

From version 0.6 on jottad listens on and not Listening to means that jottad cannot receive connections from other hosts. To allow jottad to listen on all/or some interfaces you need to specfify the ListenAddr to listen on. This can be the IP belonging to a specific network interface or which means jottad listens on all availiable interfaces (more information).

You can specify the address jottad listens on in the config file. The config file follows the ini format and controls some aspects of how jottad runs. An example config file is listed below. This config file changes the default datadir to /home/roland/.jottaddata and the address jottad listens on to  

; this changes the datadir
; this allows jottad to listen on all interfaces

The config file might not exist, and if it doesn't you need to create it. The possible locations depending on your operating system are listed below. You can use the example file above as a template. Just remember to change or remove the Datadir item.

jottad looks for the config file in the following locations:

linux & freebsd:


(install dir is the same dir as the jottad.exe executable)

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