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Jottacloud provides several apps for use with your Jottacloud account. We support a wide range of operating systems and devices.

All our apps can be downloaded from our download page.

Jottacloud for Desktop Computers

The Desktop app lets you add folders that will be backed up to Jottacloud. We call this Backup. Changes you make in these folders are mirrored FROM your computer TO Jottacloud. 

The desktop app also lets you synchronize files between all your computers and Jottacloud. The Sync folder is mirrored both TO AND FROM Jottacloud.

Here you can download the apps for Windows and macOS.

Jottacloud for Mobile

Our Mobile apps can back up all your photos and videos automatically, and let you access all your files on the go. You can easily browse, search, open and share files with friends and colleagues.

Here you can download the apps for iOS and Android.

Read more about Jottacloud for Mobile

Jottacloud Command-line Tool

The command-line client (CLI) is capable of running on most devices with Windows, OS X and linux systems such as desktops, servers, NAS devices, and even Raspberry Pi.

The tool lets you back up files and folders from a wide range of systems.

We have versions for Linux, macOS and Windows.

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